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Ambition Snowskates 2014-2015

October 02, 2014 by Alex Blais

Ambition Snowskates was founded 10 years ago from our love of snowskating. We had a dream; to build high quality snowskates that would truly live up to the expectations of riders worldwide. We knew how awesome the trick potential was and just how fun snowskating with your friends on a nice winter day really is.

We are very proud of how far we've come and everything that we’ve accomplished along the way as a company, a team and, thanks to all of you guys, a community. We have released 6 full-length snowskate videos that have turned the heads of millions of people worldwide, and over 50 different snowskate models, always working our hardest to improve and innovate year after year. Ambition is now carried in hundreds of skateshops across 15 countries and every winter, we rejoice knowing more and more people are having a blast with our boards.

This season’s lineup is the sum of all of our efforts, and through an incredible amount of R&D and rider input last winter, we’ve really been able to fine tune every little detail. Still divided into the team and premium series, this year’s snowskate lineup really covers everyone’s needs.


We introduced the AS2 shape last season and it was a big hit. Way more pop, better flip control and shorter size for improved skate-like feel. All of our snowskates this season feature the AS2 shape and, combined with our CrossLight construction, they are certainly the lightest snowskates we’ve ever built.


Our most obvious and important addition to the 2015 lineup is the long-awaited concaved top. This is something we’ve been working on since 2010, without ever truly getting the desired results. We've sold some concaved boards back in 2012-2013 due to popular demand, but the inserts were heavy and brittle. We knew a better solution existed and we decided to be patient. We finally figured out an alternative that lives up to the concave hype. Our version is so light that it's virtually unnoticeable, and super durable so it won't crack or tear off. All of our 2015 Premium snowskates are topped with this new concave and we know you guys are going to love it.


As for the popular team models, we've selected our four best-selling colorways and added a completely new top die-cut graphic that fits perfectly within the Xtreme grip setup. And don’t let the price tag fool you, the team snowskates are built just as fast and strong to suit any level of snowskater.


Actually, a lot of other small but meaningful things that don’t meet the eye. Last year, we tried to improve upon the foam topsheet bonding but it still wouldn't resist the colder temperatures that some of us ride in. It was number one objective for this season's models to fix this problem once and for all. After months of testing, we finally have the solution. The bond is so strong now that you won’t even want to consider replacing yours, even though we offer spare sheets on our online shop. Also, we've once again improved upon our base material bonding treatment. Last year, we shifted to plasma with great results, but we still decided to thoroughly test all the possible options and came up with an even stronger formula for our 2015 snowskates, which really are as durable as can be.


Last but not least, if anyone's wondering what’s up with our new full-length video, it’s actually coming out in a year from now. The team has decided to put their all into making a two year project, which we promise will be mind-blowing! (It already is). But don’t worry, we’re working on something special that will be dropping in a few days, and we’ll be sure to keep you entertained with weekly montages throughout the season.

Now go check out our 2015 products page and get yourself ready for winter because I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

Thanks to everyone for sharing our passion and supporting Ambition year after year. It really means a lot and only motivates us to keep going. Have an awesome season guys!

All New Snowskates Coming Soon!

September 17, 2014 by Alex Blais

Days are getting colder and winter is right around the corner. As the first snowfall approaches Ambition is getting ready to drop a completely new and improved lineup of boards for 2014-2015. Just like every season, we work very hard to improve upon every aspect of our products to make sure we provide the best snowskating experience. Every R&D objectives were met which makes us thrilled and we know you will be too! So for anyone browsing our website hoping to buy a snowskate; patience my friends, only a few weeks to go!

Thanks to everyone for your continual love and support. This is actually our 10 year anniversary and it means a lot that everyone has shared our passion and vision. Snowskating is just the funnest, and we're hyped that each year more and more people people join in on the bindingless ride. Super hyped for this season!

Sneak peack of the new Smage Premium model for 2014-2015

Where to buy our snowskates

February 17, 2014 by Alex Blais

Despite being out of stock on our online shop, our 2014 snowskates are still available for purchase through our dealers.

If you are looking to buy a snowskate this season, here's where you can get one.


Physical Stores

We have over 200 retailers worldwide. Get a board at your local skateshop and avoid shipping fees. Check out our dealers list to find one near you. DEALERS

As usual we will be putting a completely new lineup for boards for next season around September. Until then have a great time guys and thanks for all your great support throughout the years!

Red and Gold Teams In Stock

January 22, 2014 by Alex Blais

Yep, well as you've probably noticed our online shop's stock has been depleted with the holidays. Great news is that we were able to atleast get a few extra boards up for sale, in the all-star red and gold colorways. Jump on them while they last, because we only have a very limited amount left!

A Day in the Life

January 21, 2014 by Phil Moreau

As another year came, another team trip had begun. Kalamazoo, MI was once again the destination for most of our team riders. Unfortunately, Josh Seguin couldn't make it this year, so who would write these epic blog posts describing our adventures? I figured I could take it upon myself to document it with less writing, and more filming.

When we woke up the first morning in Michigan (after a 17 hour drive for us, a little less for others riders), I had this idea of filming more about the lifestyle of the team and it ended up being a "day in the life" kind of video with the whole crew. Therefore, don't expect to see a lot of snowskating in this, the tricks will obviously be kept for the next full length video. This edit is about what goes on before and after the tricks. I randomly selected Day 1 of the trip to be documented, which wasn't a bad idea. Before showing you this silly video, let me explain what this day was all about.

After the team had gotten up and dressed, we headed to a cafe downtown for breakfast. We visit this same cafe every year because of their stunning service and awesome greasy grub. An hour later, we crossed the street to warm up at the courthouse spot, where everyone can find something to have fun with, whether it be rails, ledges, gaps, or good flat ground. A guy called "the sheriff" kicked us out pretty quickly, so we moved n to the infamous stage gap, where we were also greeted with a kick-out. So, we tried another spot, a beautiful little double set and another 9-stair after to create he perfect line. However, upon getting out of the car to check the spot, an old lady had told us that skateboarding was forbidden. We explained that we were not skateboarding, but she didn't seem to recognize the difference.

After 3 kick-outs in a row, we got back home to dry off and eat some lunch. Since filming tricks didn't really go as planed, we decided to just go bomb hills at a school down the street. People started doing crazy flip tricks into the hill. I can't count how many tricks went down, but from switch bs heel to fs flip, from 360 flip to switch varial heel, I think pretty much every flip variation had been done. I was having too much fun and only managed to film a couple of Roby's maneuvers.

The night that followed could be defined as: grabbing some subs for dinner, having a beer at the house, and then walking to a bar just a few blocks down the street for the Kalamazoo skateboard film premier of "Dirty Waters". This video was actually filmed and edited by Dave Engerer, and everyone was super stoked on it. After the bar, some of the folks even went to ride a crazy hill covered in a foot of fresh powder, and did not return 'til their shoes were completely soaked, which was at about 5AM.

So much stuff happened and we couldn't film 100% of the time, but we still managed to document some shenanagans. I guess you could say this was a regular day in the life with the Ambition Team, I hope you'll enjoy this video, 'cause I sure had fun making it!

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