Kalamazoo team trip, round 2

February 12, 2013 by Phil Moreau

A few weeks after our first trip to Kalamazoo, Michigan had ended, the team decided to go back, this time to spend a whole week in the city and hitting new spots. Nobody knew exactly how the following days were going to play out, especially because Kzoo didn't have a flake of snow when we left the province of Québec. Dave reported to us only a day before our arrival, that it was raining, and 60 degrees, a record high! We were hoping Mother Nature would be in our favor, and to our surprise, a drastic temperature drop actually created a nice 6 inch snowfall as we were on our way! Things were looking promising!

Before the details of our sessions begin, let me first say that a team trip with the Ambition crew is always an adventure. The team had to deal with what seemed endless issues during trip, but managed to nail it every time. I will shortly reveal one incident, when we were all shredding a rail which landed on a beach of a frozen lake. While bombing a hill, my board shot out and glided about 40 feet out onto the half frozen lake, which made it impossible to retrieve without falling through the ice. That night, Alan and Dave decided to go back, where Dave held onto one end of an extension cord, while Alan held onto the other, gliding on 2 snowskates ski style out onto the ice until he retrieved the board. A sketchy task nobody but Alan was willing to attempt! Also, during a night session at a kinked rail, a spotlight was accidently tipped over, just as Dave was a few tries away from landing his trick. We got lucky and found spare bulbs, but since the light stand was broken, I had to hold the new spotlight over my head, but it was definitely worth it.

Alan moments after rescuing Phil's board on the lake

Skipping an afternoon session, Alan and I went shopping to organize a birthday dinner for Alex Blais, founder of Ambition. We celebrated with the combination of dirty burgers, champagne and cake, with the best people we could have asked for! May I add that Alan looked up a recipe for a delicious pastry, and we were all blown away by his baking skills. Caliss!

The next day we hit a new spot that Alan had found in a mall parking lot, which was huge light posts that had all been tipped over on their sides, which made perfect square up-rails. We skated these for a while, then headed home to meet up with the rest of the team that was either at school, or out shredding different spots.

Alan fs board

New team member Dan Bergeon had driven down the Upper Peninsula to join us for this trip, bringing with him Chance Hughey. If you have ever seen Dan snowskate before, you know how consistent he is on larger sized gaps, so we thought heading downtown Kalamazoo to skate the infamous stage gap was a wise choice! Sure enough, Dan logged multiple clips in a matter of minutes, and mista COSD also managed to bust a move that, if were on a skateboard, would have surely landed bolts! Everybody was beat after this, so we headed back home to rest.

Alan and Phil Moreau getting the angles

The fact that our time spent in Kalamazoo this time around was more than 4 days, as the first trip had been, made a big difference. With a city like Kalamazoo, there are just so many spots that it is just impossible to hit every single one of them on one trip. One thing that we decided on was to actually snowskate in the heart of downtown, to hit more urban, skateboard type spots. To our convenience, the Kalamazoo Courthouse was just this kind of spot, which had countless circular flat bars, miniature marble ledges, and a small stair set. Everybody seemed pretty stoked on this spot, and our friend Nate Reed landed a buttery lipslide that he took across the whole flat bar.

Kalamazoo courthouse

The rest of this Kalamazoo trip brought many more sessions as well as many good times. Everybody landed tricks that stood out in their own way, one being Chancellors that he got when him, Zack Alworden, and Danny went their own separate way to specifically get. I wish I could reveal it, but you'll have to wait! I will tell you however, that it was on an obstacle that you don't see much in snowskating, which reminds me of spot near the end of the trip that Charlo, myself and others got a chance to skate: a concrete ledge that started off at about knee height and extended to a 6 foot drop, which was surely snowskating San Francisco street style!

COSD san francisco 50-50

Alex Blais filming at el grande cinco

The trip was coming to a close, and as usual our bodies could feel it. Everybody wishes that it could have lasted longer, but all good things must come to an end, and there are still many snowskate events this winter to look forward too! We would all like to thank Alex Blais once again for putting forth his dedication in snowskating, and all the filming that he does for the team (even on the mans birthday!) Keep your eyes posted for a Kalmazoo trip 1&2 edit which will be dropping soon, and look forward to future snowskate roadtrips!

Written by Phil Moreau and Dave Engerer.