2013-2014 Lineup

2013-2014 Lineup

It’s that time of the year again; winter’s right around the corner and the new Ambition Snowskates are in stock and ready to ship!

It’s always a delight to announce a new lineup, but even more this season as we’ve totally redesigned our boards from scratch. Ambition was established in 2004, that’s a decade ago for those of you who’ve been around long enough to remember. We’ve come a long way since, and we’ve stacked more ideas than we’ll ever be able to make reality. But some of them stuck with us, and we just felt it was time to take all of them together and take snowskates to the next level.

Apart from the obvious design and colorway changes, we’ve looked at every aspect of our construction and improved it. A lot of it beats the eye, but underneath it’s truly a completely new board. This is by far the year we introduce the most changes to our lineup, ever.


Let’s start with the best; shape and size change. We all love the good old Ambition board format, but what if you took half an inch of the lenght out, and upped the tail and nose just a little bit? Well we tried, played around with the dimensions until they were just right, and couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made. The boards simply feel more energetic, requiring much less force to pop up and perform tricks with. That aside, we’ve modified the cut radius of our tail and nose, giving a larger “tip of the tail” area for you foot to sit comfortably on. This also gives you more scoop in the corners helping a lot on the infamous 3flips and such tricks. I am really stoked on everyone trying our new shape out, it’s surely a big step forward.



We also felt the boards were a tad bit too heavy, and it had been like that since our very beginnings. One thing’s for sure, we didn’t want to compromise the durability of our snowskates. Well without going far into details, let’s just say this new core construction is just as strong and stiff as before, but 10% lighter. I’m sure you all know what that translates too; higher ollies, easier flip tricks and overall better board control.



Sounds pretty techy, and actually it is. All of our bases are now treated with a plasma laser prior to lamination, which greatly improves the bonding strength. They were already pretty strong, but hey who doesn’t want an even stronger board?



We’ve been playing around with different options for years now. Top screenprints wear off, top die-cuts are neat looking but don’t offer very complex possibilities. Well now our new encapsulated top graphics are full-color plastified inserts that add that little extra awesomeness to your skate.



You know, details here and there that you’d like to improve on. The details that are often overlooked but crucial at the same time. Let’s just say they’ve been taken care of. Notably an improved glue formula for the grip topsheets, improved board finishing, etc.



In this once in a year opportunity, I’d also like to thank everyone that has been supportive of Ambition since the start. It’s incredible how much snowskating has progressed since then and how much we’ve grown as a company. One thing remains, we are passion-driven like no one else and we hope it shows in everything we do. We strive yearly to offer better and improved products at an affordable cost, as well as put out the best snowskate videos out there.

Now go on and check out our new lineup, and make sure you don’t miss our new full-length flick Lets Play , dropping in only a week or so from now.

Thanks to everyone, I hope you have an amazing snow-shredding season!

Rider: COSD<br />
Photo: Mitch Serbu

Rider: COSD
Photo: Mitch Serbu

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