2017 Team Snowskates

2017 Team Snowskates

Redesigned and in stock!

We are proud to announce that our new and improved 2016-17 team series snowskates are now fully stocked and ready to ship on our online store. They will be available at our many dealer locations progressively throughout the coming weeks.

Available in four stained maple ply colorways, the classic team models have been revisited and came out better than ever, right in time for the winter.

Two major improvements this season:

Introducing our new CPE base material, providing incomparable and unprecedented speed, scratch resistance and lamination strength. Maintenance-free as always, so you can focus on shredding instead of waxing. We call it a game-changer, and you will too once you give it a test run!

Even though we already swore by our unique Precison-7 channel pattern, our team riders had ideas on how to make it even better. We widened our middle groove for a more solid feel on rails, added two sharp medium channels for rail-lock forgiveness and modified our four side grooves to a U shape for even more sharpness and traction in hard-packed snow. This new channel combination turned out even better than expected, notably improving stability, control, tracking and rail-locking capabilities.

Other changes include a stronger base material lamination, better foam grip bonding formula and even stiffer maple core for extra pop. See the full 2017 team snowskate tech specs on our products page.

We are hyped to say these are the best snowskates we have ever put out, and the biggest improvement leap we’ve ever made since the first Ambition snowskates in 2007. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

P.S Stay tuned for the introduction of five redesigned premium signature 2017 models, shipping early November.

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