Ten Promo

Ten Promo

In celebration of Ambition’s 10th year anniversary, we have decided to drop a 10 minute video recap of our greatest tricks and moments.

Progression, bangers, friendship, memories… It’s been an incredible decade of snowskating and it feels awesome to take a step back and see all that’s been accomplished. Thanks to everyone for believing in us and here’s to another ten years of fun and progression. What’s possible on a snowskate?

If you love snowskating just as much as we do, help us out by showing this to all of your friends. The more people spread the love, the more this fun sport can grow! And while you’re at it, we’ll be devoting more time to our youtube account so give us a sub so you don’t miss a thing this winter!

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the years and know that this we’re just starting!

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