SAVA Full Video

SAVA Full Video

Ambition’s SAVA two year video is finally here!

Ambition Snowskates proudly presents SAVA, our sixth full-length snowskate video. Enjoy and share!

Alan Gerlach, David Engerer, Josh Oakes, COSD, Phil Smage, Jensen Fisker, Phil Moreau, Roby Gobeil, Zack Alworden, Jake Boss, Chuck Dion, Eric Fryc, Mathias Fortier, Austin Welter, James Cybulski, Kyle Kearns, Ande Burman, Jeremy Manson, Gui Blais, Alex Blais, Ti-Dan Routhier, Dan Bergeon and more.

Mr. Songbird – King Snail

Adeodat Warfield
Ivory Coast Nurserey – Your Passion Precedes You, World To Come, Spiritual Suede Bus Seat Baptism

The Jabberwocky Band – Bad Karma, Haunting The Backstairs

Dead Meadow – In The Thicket

The Janitors – MSSG

Strange Broue – Electric Blizzard

Esprit – Whispers

Sonic Jesus – Lost

Sandy Pussy – Summer Bummer

Kingdom Of The Holy Sun – Set The Controls For The Center Of Your Mind

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